Fun, Safe, & Educational Winter Activities For Kids 


While the parents are busy worrying about their driveways, groceries, and toiletries ahead of a wintery mix, kids are just excited for the prospect of playing in the fresh snow.

While there may be cause for concern with extremely low temperatures, bundling up properly and limiting outdoor time will keep your little ones safe, while still enjoying the snowfall.

You can always break up outside time in smaller blocks as opposed to one longer session, to ensure more opportunities for fun, while also keeping them safe.

Fun Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids

Heading outside right after that fresh snowfall is what every kid dreams of on those winter days. Building snowmen, sledding, and making snow angels include the benefits of: 

  • Strengthening motor skills.
  • Improving overall health and muscle strength.
  • Promoting the use of their senses.
  • Encouraging independence.
  • Allowing the use of creativity and imagination.
  • Opportunities to learn about nature.

You can use everyday household items or even repurpose items made for the beach to make snow forts and snow castles. 

Expanding creativity with new tools promotes learning and growth at all ages.

Staying Warm Inside

Sometimes the wintery mix and snow can be a bit too intense, or perhaps the thermostat reads well below freezing, to the point of unsafe. 

When that’s the case, you can always resort to fun indoor activities, just like a rainy day.

Heat up some hot cocoa and get creative with paper crafts. Make some simple paper snowflakes (of course if scissors are involved, opt for safety scissors and always use adult-supervision). 

Get some cotton balls and make miniature snow-men, or have snowball races. Of course the activities don’t always have to be snow themed either. Maybe go the complete opposite route and craft some fun, tropical and warm weather crafts. 

There’s always options available for simple, indoor crafts and activities, and you don’t have to risk going out in the bad weather for specific supplies. Get creative with household items and allow your children’s imagination to bloom.

Wrap It All Up With A Story

After all the fun and energy spent from the days activities, it’s time to wind down. There’s no better way to get ready for nap time or bed than with a story. 

Make the most of the snow day and pick up one of your kid’s favorite winter books about snowmen, penguins, the north pole, and much more! 

There’s plenty of great fun that can be had on a snow day. Always make sure your children are bundled up and limit outdoor time, especially in the much lower temperatures. Encourage their growth and development with fun indoor and outdoor activities.

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