We Are Open for First Responders!

If you are a first responder or health care employee working in response to COVID-19 and are in need of childcare, Mary Margaret’s Day Care can help. 

We are committed to helping our community during this uncertain time. We’re happy to report that our location at 3800 Watson Road has received permission from St. Louis City to provide childcare for first responders and health care workers. 

Our hours are 6:30 am to Midnight, Monday through Friday, and we serve ages 6 weeks to 12 years. Please note that these hours are for parents needing care for daytime or evening shifts, not an extension of the day. 

At Mary Margaret’s We Take Precautions to Keep Your Children Safe 

  • Drop Offs: Each parent is allowed to enter the building in the entrance area. We take each child’s temperature before admitting them. Temps below 100° will be allowed to stay. Parents will then sign their child or children in. 
  • Pickups: When parents arrive in the evening, staff will pick up their child from their classroom and bring them outside. 
  • Toys are being used in a rotating manner, where sets are sanitized and switched out on a daily basis. Surfaces are cleaned regularly. 
  • We offer healthy food to all children, including breakfast, lunch, an afternoon snack, dinner, and an evening snack. 

We Are Committed to the Health and Well-Being of Your Children

At Mary Margaret’s we offer learning enrichment to all of our children, while building self-esteem in a secure environment. We also offer lots of opportunities for fun and play. When you pick up your child at the end of your shift, you’ll receive a daily report outlining how their day went. Our teachers are very open to suggestions. They are always available to answer your questions or concerns. 

Call us to sign up: (314) 752 – 2965. We look forward to meeting your kids! 

Tips to Help Your Newborn Sleep

Of all the exhausted, hard-working parents in the St. Louis MO area, few are likely as sleep-deprived as the parents of newborns. It makes sense, after all. For one thing, infants usually eat every two to three hours around the clock plus they can’t tell a difference between day and night. Sleep loss can negatively affect just about every area of life. Getting extra sleep is best achieved by helping the baby sleep all night, something that really is doable! Here are some tips to help your newborn sleep through the night.

Establish a Bedtime Routine for Your Baby

A recent study of mothers with infants discovered that some succeeded in getting their 6 to 8-week old baby on a bedtime routine that led to sleeping through the night. A bedtime routine for your baby can involve any combination of regular bedtime activities that you choose. The following are secrets to success:

  • Make it a habit of having active playtime with the baby during the day, which can result in her feeling sufficiently tired at night. In the evening, always have quiet play and avoid anything that gets your baby overly excited when it’s close to bedtime.
  • Repeat the nightly activities in the same order every single night.
  • Adding bath time to the nightly routine is highly recommended. The bath alone has a calming effect. Use lavender soap and lotion on your baby to further increase relaxation.
  • Make the bedtime schedule something your child looks forward to. Save your baby’s favorite activity for last and do it in her room so that doing something she enjoys is associated with time to go to sleep.
  • Maintain consistent conditions in your little one’s bedroom. After your baby wakes up in the night, establish the same lighting and sounds as when she went to sleep.

Lay Your Sleepy Baby Down

Tips to Help Your Newborn Sleep, mom with sleeping baby

It can encourage unwanted behavior if you continue holding your child as she is falling asleep and while she sleeps. Babies can get accustomed to being held while sleeping and struggle to give it up later on. When your baby is showing signs of drowsiness, lay her in her bed. She will get used to soothing herself instead of needing to be rocked and cuddled when she wakes up at night.

Ensure Good Sleeping Conditions

Always put your baby to bed with a fresh diaper so she doesn’t soak it through and become uncomfortable in the middle of the night. Keep a nightlight in the room and use it for nighttime feeds. Turning on bright lights can be disruptive to sleep. If your baby sleeps in your room, keep a white noise machine going so that your bedtime preparation won’t wake her up.

Visit Mary Margaret’s Day Care

When it’s time to put your precious little one in a trusted daycare in St. Louis, visit Mary Margaret’s Day Care. We provide nurturing care and have several locations in the area for your convenience. Mary Margaret’s Day Care proudly delivers the best childcare services. Visit the location nearest you today or contact us today to learn more about our caring daycare facilities!

Car Seats & Child Safety

The weather is getting colder and that means more layers for your kiddos. Puffy coats, scarves, hats and blankets all help to keep your child cozy as the temperature drops. A fluffy coat may not be the best option for keeping your child safe in the car, however. Today we are going to take a look at car seats and child safety in the winter time, and offer you some tips on how to ensure your kiddo is safe getting to and from school.

This kiddo may look cool, but a bulky coat in a car seat may not be a good idea.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has offered a warning for parents this winter, big coats and car seats don’t mix. The gap created by the extra fabric can lead to injury in the event of an accident when is is flattened during impact. This has lead to children being ejected from their carseats, which is never a good thing. Instead the straps should always be fastened firmly against your child’s body.

To see just how much room your child’s coat offers you can try a simple experiment. Place your child in the car seat with their coat on and adjust the straps. Then, remove the coat and place your child back in the seat. Take a look at how much room between the straps and your child body exists, and make a note of where the buckles have shifted. Is the chest buckle still in place? Are the straps still snug? If not, you need another option.

How To Stay Warm & Safe

If you find that the coat is too bulky to be worn with your car seat, there are other ways to keep your kiddo safe and warm.

  • Start by dressing your child in warm base layers.
  • For smaller children, put a blanket or two over them; after they have been buckled into the car seat.
  • Look for aftermarket car seat covers to fit your make/model seat. These are specifically designed to add a layer of warmth to the seat without compromising safety.
  • For larger children, once they are buckled into the seat safely, turn the coat around and put it on backwards. This will allow the seat to do its job, while the coat acts as a warm layer on top.

Always remember, when in doubt most local fire departments are trained to install and check car seats to ensure that they are positioned properly in your vehicle. This is a great resource for parents, grandparents, and anyone who may need to install a car seat in their car.

At Mary Margaret Daycare, we believe that every child is precious. We want all of our families to be safe on the road, on the way to school or anywhere your travels may take you. If you would like to learn more about our facilities, contact us today to schedule your tour.

A Guide To Free Parenting Resources In Saint Louis

Parenting can be hard. It can be rewarding, awe inspiring, funny, silly, ridiculous, and amazing at the same time too. But it can also bring on challenges that you may have never expected. As you work to raise your little bundles of joy into amazing little people, it is important to know that you are not alone! There are many places, both online and in St. Louis, committed to helping you tackle all of the challenges of parenthood. Today we are going to feature some of our favorite free parenting resources in Saint Louis.

Educational Resources For Parents

Little Girl Indoors In Front Of Books. Cute Young Toddler Sitting On A Chair Near Table and Reading Book. Child reads in a bookstore, surrounded by colorful books. Library, Shop, Shelving In Home. The Library is one of many free parenting resources in saint louis.

Parenting can be hard. It can be rewarding, awe inspiring, funny, silly, ridiculous, and amazing at the same time too. But it can also bring on challenges that you may have never expected. As you work to raise your little bundles of joy into amazing little people, it is important to know that you are not alone! There are many places, both online and in St. Louis, committed to helping you tackle all of the challenges of parenthood. Today we are going to feature some of our favorite free parenting resources in Saint Louis.

The Saint Louis Public Library: Many people know that the library is a free tool for gaining access to a world of books, magazines, and other resources. Did you know that the library also puts on programs and events for people of all ages? From craft projects to story time, the library has a LOT going on!

NASA: Are you looking for some out of this world education opportunities? NASA has a free kids corner, dedicated to providing fun and informative content and games for kids.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Saint Louis: Did you know that the Federal Reserve Bank of Saint Louis has a number of educational tools for kids of all ages? These are geared to help children understand money, banking, and history.

Free Health Resources For Parents

The Missouri Poison Center: Parents across the state have relied on the Missouri Poison Center to help with urgent poison related questions, from bug bites to accidental ingestions. The center is fast, free, and open 24/7.

The Nurse Family Partnership: For many first time parents, babies can be a little overwhelming. It is hard to know all of the answers to your questions. The Nurse Family Partnership is a free parenting resource in Saint Louis to help families with their pressing questions.

The Teen Helpline: For parents with older children, the teen helpline can be a lifesaver. Between raging hormones and outside peer pressure, teens can feel like a completely different child. The teen helpline is a free resource for parents to help them navigate the ins and outs of having a teenager at home.

These are just a few of the many free resources available to help parents in the Saint Louis area. Do you have any favorites? Share them with us and we will feature them in on our social media pages! Or drop us a line to let us know your thoughts. We love to chat with our parents.

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