Child Care Lindenwood Park Neighborhood

3800 Watson Road St Louis, MO 63109

Tel: (314) 752-2965

Open Monday-Friday 6:30 am-6:00 pm
Cut off for drop-off is 10 am

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Child Care South St. Louis City – Lindenwood Park

Carmi Dudash Mary Margaret Daycare South St Louis

Ms. Carmi Dudash, Watson Location Director

Welcome to our location! We accept 24 infants and toddlers. Up to 14 under the age of 12 months. 3 rooms, with 8 infant in each room for a 4:1 ratio.

We provide one type of iron fortified formula, baby cereal and baby food at no extra cost. Breast milk is welcomed!

Infants are given tummy time on a daily basis. We follow the instruction plan set forth by the parents. We hold true to the strict Safe Sleep policy as set forth by the Department of Health. Semi-toddlers learn parallel play. We begin simple art and sensory activities in this room. These babies love to dance, sing songs, read stories and finger plays. Toddlers learn to sit at a table with chairs and sleep on cots versus baby beds. We begin group activities with them. We begin teaching them to play together and not parallel.
All infants and toddlers receive a daily report outlining how their day went.

Our preschool program begins in our two year old room, with structured activities, hands on learning, and free choice time. We have a letter, number, color and shape we focus on each week. We begin potty learning in our two year old room. We take up to 16 children per day. 8:1 ratio. Our teachers offer a fun loving learning environment. The teachers are very open to our parents for suggestions, comments, questions. They are always available to answer any questions or concerns.

As they venture on to the three year old room, their class time becomes more structured. They start tracing their letters, work on recognition and sounds of each letter as well as colors, numbers, shapes,etc. Lots of hands on learning happening in this room. Really start working in centers and small groups as well.

The Pre-k class continues working on letters, moving on to blending of sounds, sight words, spelling. Turning number recognition into counting, adding, subtracting. Adding science activities, including tending to our ever growing Incredible Edible Sensory Garden. We begin field trips in this classroom. The teacher communicates through email with the parents, keeping the line of communication open.

We offer a before and after school age program. We receive bus transportation from several local St. Louis Public Schools. We feed the children breakfast and snack. We offer an awesome summer program filled with exciting field trips both educational and fun!

We offer breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack.

We are proud sponsors of the TEACH MO scholarship program. We currently have 3 staff members on the scholarship attending college, and 4 total in the Early Care Education degree program.

All staff are CPR/First Aid/AED certified.

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