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Education Mixed With Fun!

At Mary Margaret’s Day Care, we believe children thrive when they are treated with love and respect. We are dedicated to providing educational experiences in a safe, nurturing environment. At all of our centers, we foster

  • An environment where children develop positive self esteem and learn how to treat others with respect.
  • Opportunities for active participation in activities that promote growth in cognitive, fine motor, gross motor, and social development.
  • Nurturing care with respect for physical difference and difference in racial and ethnic heritage that allows each child to feel secure and to develop at his/her maximum ability.

Enroll your child in full-time or part-time child care to benefit from our loving and highly qualified staff. 

Our Childcare Programs

  • Infant Childcare

We believe that babies need to be tenderly cared for to learn trust and begin to navigate their world. Our teachers support social and emotional development while providing a safe environment for your child. Activities we promote include encouraging your baby to roll, crawl, manipulate toys, and explore his/her surroundings. We also spend time holding and talking to the infants in our care, which supports language development and encourages them to respond to the world around them. At our centers, we structure naptime, feeding time, and playtime for infants. 

  • Toddler Daycare

Your toddler is becoming more independent and exploring the world! We foster your toddler’s development by helping them practice communication skills, encouraging them in individual and group play, and allowing them to practice creative problem-solving skills. Our caretakers get to know each child. They set boundaries for the children, teaching them to share and take turns, while encouraging them to learn and grow at their own pace. 

  • Preschool

Our lessons at Mary Margaret become a little more advanced as children near kindergarten. We keep them fun, too, with plenty of opportunities for creativity and play. We help children develop fine motor skills and foster an environment that supports language development. We also teach early preschoolers social skills that will serve them well as they grow and go to school. We work on the alphabet and counting skills, as well as shape and color recognition. All of our efforts are geared toward encouraging critical thinking skills and social-emotional skills.  

  • Before & After School Program

Our kindergartners and school-age children have activities that are more structured and school focused, with math and reading exercises a regular part of their time in daycare. We still focus on creativity, but we also encourage students to stick with longer activities, helping them to concentrate and practice good study habits. They’ll have opportunities to develop problem-solving ability. They’ll also have opportunities to simply play on the playground and expend some energy. Again, all of our programs are customized to your child’s age and ability. 

There’s a space for everyone at Mary Margaret Day Care. We love getting to know your kids.

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