At Home Summer Activities for Preschoolers

At Home Summer Activities for PreschoolersHello, summer! We are in the season of water fun, vacations, the St. Louis hot, hot, heat, and no school! While some of your kiddos are with us for summer care, you are likely looking for some fun at home summer activities for preschoolers. We decided to write up a list of some of our favorite ideas that don’t break the bank and keep their brains stay active during the break.

Families can combat the summer slide (not the one at the pool) by spending time at home with learning activities that are also fun. So here are a few of our favorite ideas to incorporate learning into summer fun with the kids this season.

4 Fun At Home Summer Activities for Preschoolers To Keep Them Learning

1. Visit the Library
The key to reversing the summer slow down is to keep reading over the summer. Whether your child is reading age or you are reading to them, visit the library and have them pick out a few books all on their own. Encourage them to explore new stories and topics. Libraries also have tons of fun free events throughout the year, so check out when story time is or if they have a reading club. When you ready together, talk about the stories and pictures. Ask your child questions and help them engage.

2. Play in Nature
Nature has so much to teach us and summer is full of opportunities to talk about it, from a run through the sprinklers to the clouds in the sky, to playing in the garden. Invite your child to talk to you while they play outside and ask questions. Speak to them about nature, the water cycle, and how things grow; kids are so curious!

Turn a regular day at the park into a scavenger hunt for shapes and colors in the natural environment where they have to identify trees shaped like triangles, interesting shapes in the clouds, or colors in flowers. Encourage your child to call out shapes and colors as they seen them on your hunt.

Camping is also an enriching way to teach your kids about nature and get them away from screens. Even if it’s a tent in the backyard, make the most of it and join them! You might enjoy the digital break too.

3. Visit a Farmer’s Market
Head to a farmer’s market in our community. Show your kids the fruits and vegetables and have them ask the farmers questions. Purchase a few items and cook together or talk to them while you cook. Kids love helping in the kitchen.

4. Make a Sensory Tub
Sensory tubs are a good activity for your little ones, especially toddlers and quick and easy to put together. These are so important for toddlers and preschoolers to learn how different textures feel, and for hand coordination and building muscles. Check out these ten fantastic sensory bins you can make at home.

We hope you have fun at home this summer with your kids! At Mary Margaret’s, we are enjoying summer with the kids already. Whether you are at our south St. Louis county daycare center or our Florissant daycare center, we have plenty activities planned for a full season. Out summer program includes focused learning and many activities. Find out more about our programs here.

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